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Our Mission Statement

Alpha-Zulu Management, brings expert management skills & personal experience within the entertainment industry. Bringing professional seamless, highly knowledgeable, expert management skills & personal skills to our management, with industry & legal knowledge to safeguard & promote, Actor's & Models wellbeing & careers. Utilised to give the best services to our talent & clients, with our commitment, resilience, passion, dedication & hard work. The agency's ethos & values, aim to be the utmost professionals in the industry of entertainment.

To deliver great work ethics,  which clients will be astounded to receive. As well as to provide our clients the most qualified professional Actors, Models & Service's in the entertainment industry.

Fundamentally, excelling to high professional standards, within our commitment to our Clients, Models & Actors.


Our vision:

Succeeding with the integrity we deliver within the simplicity of our representation, to our diverse selection of Models & Actors. Our talent has unique abilities & flawless beauty. To which we inspire, encourage, support & make a reality, Actors & Models aspiration to be a success within the entertainment industry. Accomplishing their own individual goals, through fearless & unique representation. Being the UK's leading Casting & Modelling Agency. 

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Our Management

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Alpha-Zulu Management acknowledges the entertainment industry as tough & fiercely competitive. Actors & Models who we represent must hold the morals, respect & commitment as our agency does, in order to succeed. We submit our actors & models to a variety of opportunities, such as, Commercials, Film, TV Work, Stage Productions, Photographic/Modelling work & Supporting Artist. Casting directors ultimately want our talent to radiate a positive mindset, unique charisma & the right attitude. 

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Our Client's:

Alpha-Zulu Management is solely dedicated into establishing & maintaining an agency which isn't lucrative in its management.


However, an agency with a captivating reputation, with our clientele.


Alpha-Zulu Management have accomplished erudite & resilient management skills, attained over years of personal experience's, within an ubiquitous entertainment industry.


Alpha-Zulu Management strive's to excel in our impeccable services we provide to our clients.

Please contact us by email to register with us as a client, which will enable you to view our Actors & Models & their full website resume's.


Alternatively email us to send us your client assignments.


We assure casting directors, that you will be gratefully satisfied with our empire of talent, presented to your casting & production teams.

Email address for clients is:

Children's Division:

Alpha-Zulu Management represents exquisite children from newborn to 18 years of age. Our representation is for a variety of assignments, including, but not limited to, paid Modelling Work, TV Work, Commercial's, Stage, & Voice-Overs, across the UK.

Our website operates a secure Actor & Model portfolio system, which safeguards children's data from the public domain. All of our website is also copyright protected to Alpha-Zulu Management. We have GDPR & Safeguarding policies, to protect our agency, our staff and our Actor's & Models we represent.


Approved Clients only are permitted to view our extensive Child & Adult division's, via a secure password system.

Our diverse variety of beautifully unqiue & talented Actors & Models are located from across the UK.


We are always on the lookout for new Actors & Models of all ages to join our agency & we proactively seek out & recruit new industry faces to join our luxurious team, we already represent. Our clients have high standards & so do us our team. Therefore we only accept new talent onto our agency books, if we believe they are committed & have the potential to succeed.

Our commission from work we secure for your child are:

Currently we take from work we secure for your child:

Any/All theatre work – 20% commission.

Any/All work within the UK – 25% commission.

Any/All work outside the UK – 30% commission.

To apply for your child to join our busy kids modelling & acting division, please fill out an application form, located within the apply section of our website.

Email address for our children's division:

Adult's Division:

We currently are the industry lowest commission agency! We do not charge  registration fees, no website profile fees, no admin start up fee. This is a free service we offer within our representation.

We only charge 10% commission rate on all work we secure for you!

We appreciate our adult division is fearlessly competitive & we believe our Actors & Models we represent have the ability to succeed.

We respect Adult's work as tirelessly as your agent within the entertainment industry, this is your main source of income, your full time job, with some talent having families to provide for also.

We are here committed to developing & attaining a successful career for you, within the entertainment industry!

Being the lowest commission rate, shows we are here to support you within all aspects of your career & personal life.

Our clients value our agency commitment, values & ethos to our talent. Our personal passion to make difference within the entertainment industry is inclusive for all. We strive to have equality & diversity within our agency.

We welcome Actors & Models of all ethnicities, abilities & disabilities to apply.

Email address for our adult division, which represent adults 18+, our couples & families is:

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